What about booksellers, libraries, publishers & readers?


The tagline for this site on literary networks is authors, editors and translators. Of course, there are other roles in literary networks, namely those of publishers, booksellers, and even libraries and readers. However, I’ve chosen to focus at this stage specifically on authors and editors. In cases of literature in non-English, the importance of translators is essential. And translators are also authors in the role of authoring the translation. And, often, translators are authors of works in their own language.

The role of editing is intertwined with that of publishing. At the other end of the publishing spectrum are the readers that make writing worthwhile. In the middle are the booksellers that provide the essential distribution network that ensures works wind up in the hands of the reading public. Of course, on the web, particularly with most current literary magazines, the distribution network is the web itself. And then there’s the libraries that preserve the efforts of writers and editors.

All these different roles will receive varying degrees of attention in this study of literary networks. The tagline is not intended to privilege one over another except in an effort to focus my own research efforts and to avoid a lengthy, awkward tagline crammed with every possible role in a network. In other words, don’t read too much into the tagline.