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In Pursuit of Tom Carter and Ezra Pound


[First published at Interlitq] Newspapers across the United States on the afternoon of Friday, November 22, 1963 ran banner headlines about the death of John F. Kennedy. Many newspapers devoted their entire front page to the tragedy. A small town newspaper in Martinsville, Virginia also had a prominent headline about the assassination: “Sniper Kills President Kennedy”. But just under the headline, above the fold in the upper-right corner, the Martinsville Bulletin printed an article and […]

Ezra Pound’s literary network


Ezra Pound exerted a monumental influence on the development of modernism through small literary journals, “little magazines”, that existed to promote appreciation of literature and the arts. Pound was the consummate networker, a skill he used to advance the careers of others more than his own. Scholarship on Pound as a literary impresario focuses on his involvement with early 20th century publications such as The English Review, The Little Review, Poetry and others. Likewise, Pound’s influence on the careers […]