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Difficult realities of the book world


An article in Publishers Weekly (October 23, 2017) highlights with specific, though anonymous, examples of sexual harassment in the publishing industry. Another difficult reality of the book world is that, arguably more so than other industries, success really is tied to who you know. Those looking to get ahead need to make connections outside of their nine-to-five jobs; many women said they realize now how the social aspect of publishing put them in particularly vulnerable […]

What about booksellers, libraries, publishers & readers?


The tagline for this site on literary networks is authors, editors and translators. Of course, there are other roles in literary networks, namely those of publishers, booksellers, and even libraries and readers. However, I’ve chosen to focus at this stage specifically on authors and editors. In cases of literature in non-English, the importance of translators is essential. And translators are also authors in the role of authoring the translation. And, often, translators are authors of […]

How do we?

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How do we support the emergence of new voices in literature? This is a project in literary history only in so far as it unveils lessons about publishing that can be used to understand our current era. While my research agenda ostensibly examines the networks within literary publishing through the evolution of little magazines during the 20th century, I do so with a primary interest towards the present day.