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UK poets – midcentury and later

Little Magazines / Midcentury

Authors selected mostly from the following sources: Gingerich, Martin E. Contemporary Poetry in America and England, 1950-1975: A Guide to Information Sources. vol. 41., Gale Research Co, Detroit, Mich, 1983. Sherry, Vincent B. Poets of Great Britain and Ireland since 1960. vol. 40., Gale Research, Detroit, Mich, 1985. Sherry, Vincent B. Poets of Great Britain and Ireland, 1945-1960. vol. 27., Gale Research Co, Detroit, Mich, 1984. Simic, Charles, 1938-, and Don Paterson. New British Poetry. Saint Paul, Minn.: Graywolf Press, 2004. […]

Robert Creeley on Artists & Poets, 1950-1965


“Coming of age in the forties, in the chaos of the Second World War, one felt the kinds of coherence that might have been fact of other time and place were no longer possible. There seemed no logic, so to speak, that could bring together all the violent disparities of that experience. The arts especially were shaken and the picture of the world that might previously have served them had to be reformed…. “…As a […]

Situating the midcentury editor


Imagine yourself living in the 1950s, living in the decade after a war in which millions had died. You may have even fought in battle. You likely knew someone or many who died in the war. You certainly experienced rationing of food, gasoline, and other items. The 1950s started out with an intensive military conflict on the Korean peninsula that never really finished. Tensions with what was then the Soviet Union hung the dark cloud […]

What about booksellers, libraries, publishers & readers?


The tagline for this site on literary networks is authors, editors and translators. Of course, there are other roles in literary networks, namely those of publishers, booksellers, and even libraries and readers. However, I’ve chosen to focus at this stage specifically on authors and editors. In cases of literature in non-English, the importance of translators is essential. And translators are also authors in the role of authoring the translation. And, often, translators are authors of […]

In Pursuit of Tom Carter and Ezra Pound


[First published at Interlitq] Newspapers across the United States on the afternoon of Friday, November 22, 1963 ran banner headlines about the death of John F. Kennedy. Many newspapers devoted their entire front page to the tragedy. A small town newspaper in Martinsville, Virginia also had a prominent headline about the assassination: “Sniper Kills President Kennedy”. But just under the headline, above the fold in the upper-right corner, the Martinsville Bulletin printed an article and […]